Have you ever felt like there was something more to you, perhaps a deeper purpose but you have trouble identifying it?

Or perhaps you have been working on something for years and are not seeing the results you want - You feel stuck or in a rut.

Here are some courses to help you manage the gap from where you are to where you want to be, to help you get to know your authentic self and to live your awakened life.

Voice is a common tool in all these courses to get you the clarity you seek.

Hi, I’m Rebecca Abraxas a sound healer, vibrational alignment coach, and singer/songwriter. Through my 25 year career, my voice has always had my back. It showed me how to trust myself, it introduced me to my authentic higher self, and helped me process outdated programming from my sub-conscience.

My voice has been an integral part of my awakening journey. I love to support others in exploring the power of their own voice.

For those willing to use their voice, it is a tool to many brilliant possibilities.

"Rebecca has a knack for tuning into whatever you’re going to and helping you to see a clear path to your potential. If you’re feeling stuck, lost or need to find your true north, Rebecca is an excellent guide."

- Janette Elder

vibrational alignment